candyland slots

Candyland Slot is a slot developed by online casino software designer 1×2 Gaming. These developers have experimented with a variety of themes and designs. They have managed to create highly successful games; Candyland is one of them.

Candyland slot machine gives an enjoyable and fun experience from the comfort of a computer. Thanks to its central theme, this game will become the favorite of many players.



The design of Candyland slot is very similar to the popular Candy Crush mobile game. This game completely revolutionized many players. Despite the time, many people still prefer it over any other. This game is clearly influenced by Canyland, so some players will be familiar with this slot.

The predominant color in the Candyland slot machine is pink. On the reels, we will find images consistent with the theme: sweets, caramels, soft drinks and similar desserts. Through this game, many will be able to make the fantasy of being in a world completely full of sweets come true.

One of the most outstanding aspects of this online slot machine is its sound design. In the background, constantly, we will hear the song of birds. At times, we will enjoy amusement park-style tunes. Finally, the sounds of the reels are very similar to the reels of physical slots. This adds a nice feel to the game.

This game is compatible with all operating systems. It only requires the use of a browser for its operation.



Candyland slot has 5 reels and 9 pay lines. Additionally, this game has a variety of symbols and free throws that will allow the bettor to improve their winnings. The user can select the value of the coins.

The Candyland slot game panel is very easy to use. The player can configure up to 100 pitches automatically. Thanks to this and the rest of the available features, the gameplay of this slot is ideal.

This slot is an excellent choice for real money bets. The user will have to subscribe to the betting platform. In addition, you can enjoy a welcome bonus from this platform. These and many more surprises are possible to find when playing the Candyland slot machine in our online casinos.

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