Keys to take note in your bets in the Masters Cup

bets in the Masters Cup

Last week I felt like a kid in his most prolific days of university. I have a very good friend finishing her degree and just before Christmas she is facing the last exam to graduate. Or well, that’s what she expects if she approves, of course. How nervous she was! She ‘vomited’ at me (can you say this in children’s hours?) She literally all the parts of the agenda and she was letting off steam a bit with me, because she had been confined at home studying for many days.

She also admitted to me that when she passes she will miss her studies. She touches on her insertion in the complicated world of work, and she will miss those university parties and those moments after finishing an exam period, in which you only think about the party you are going to have with your friends. And travel with them! I remembered my student days and also felt nostalgic. As they say, you don’t know what you’re losing in life until you no longer have it. What times those without so many responsibilities! Even we both recognized that we miss (in her case, she is going to miss) the final exams. You will say that we are crazy (especially if you study) but no one can deny that rarely does one feel as motivated as when facing a final exam with the lesson well learned, looking into the eyes of his most hated teacher and mentally telling him : “You are going to swallow my study hours in kilos of paper to read until the end of your days.”

The fact is that later I had to go home and I had to think about how to give you some forecasts for the tennis Masters Cup, and I thought ‘this connection is phenomenal for me’. The eight best tennis players of the year 2015 come together in London to play the so-called ‘Masters Tournament’. There is no better definition for this prestigious tournament, considered the ‘fifth Grand Slam of the year’, than the ‘Masters Tournament’. And of course the week of fast-paced matches that we live in is the week of final exams for the players. There is a ‘Cum Laude’ favourite, Novak Djokovic, but the Federers, Murray and company claim an unexpected highlight. Who will be the featured student of this quote?]

Djokovic, the enemy to beat… (and in the Masters Cup too)


The Serbian started and finished the tennis course as number one in the world and is the top contender to win the tournament. So much so that his victory in London “only” is listed at 1.53, a sign that few trust that he can fail. His year has been one of records: he has achieved ten titles and six Masters 1,000, more than any other player in a single year. And he can make history in the 2015 Masters Cup.

Novak Djokovic may be the 1st tennis player to win the Masters Cup 4 times in a row: he won in 2012, 2013 and 2014

The world number one has only lost 5 games this year (78-5 record), none on hard courts indoors (four losses on hard courts and one on clay, all outdoors). It really is difficult for him to miss this title, because although 4 of his 5 losses were against ‘Top 10’ tennis players who will be in London (Federer (x2), Murray, Wawrinka and with the exception of the Croatian Ivo Karlovic very early in the course ) His record in the Masters Cup is 23-9, although he is a type of extreme: He has never lost a final, which means that he usually either makes it to a ‘full’ or stays in the first round or semifinals, which can give us some clue. if we want to play surprise once the tournament has started.

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