cash blox slot machine

Cash Blox Slots is an online casino game of chance designed by Ash Gaming. Its theme is inspired by the tetris puzzle. This machine game released in 1984 has achieved such success that it has been available on all kinds of platforms. This for decades, as in computers, consoles, mobile phones and even calculators.

Tetris has a large number of fans of all ages around the world. They will love the dynamics and design of Cash Blox Slots.



Upon entering Cash Blox Slots, you will notice that this slot does not have the typical reel and line structure. The design of this game emulates an arcade video game console from the 80s with tetris.

The screen is divided into three sections. The most important section is the central one, where the shapes fall one on top of the other. Another section in which the possible prizes are shown according to the elimination of rows. There is a third section in which the data of the bet is found.

Since it has no reels, clicking the spin button will not cause any spins. Instead, the typical tetris puzzle pieces are falling as usual in this game. The player will get prizes for the lines that are removed at the same time and according to the number that are removed.

Sometimes the user notices that special pieces will appear. In the event that these pieces line up with others and are removed, you will have won 10 free spins. The lights of the animation will then be activated and the music will be faster, indicating that these launches are special. At the end of the series of ten tosses, the amount that the player has won will be displayed on the screen.

This game does not have too many animations compared to others from the same designers at Ash Gaming. This is justified considering the inspiration of this slot machine. Being an arcade-style game from three decades ago, you wouldn’t expect overly complex animations. So it is faithful to the original design and this makes it attractive.



This slot machine is supported by the supervision of its performance by the Gambling commission. This is the regulatory body for the management of online gambling in Great Britain.

This support is essential for any game of this style. This, since every user will have the need to find reliability in the betting site.

Clash Blox slot can be played for free

To upload money to this game, the user must subscribe to the platform if he has not done so before. Next, the online casino will offer you the opportunity to add funds through different modalities. These are PayPal, Payonner, credit cards, bank transfers, among others.

Once this is done, the bettor will be ready to put together a nice win with the Clash Blox slot machine.

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